Stratbeans provides AI-based learning experience.

Stratbeans is a company that provides  AI-based online learning, interactive user-interface to its Learning Management Solution (LMS) through digital transformation. It helps the organization to improve the performance and enhance the employee’s learning experience.

Employee training is very important as it help the employees to boost their performance and increase the company’s growth.

Stratbeans’ unique LMS uses advanced technologies and provides a Do-It-Yourself (DIY), chatbot-based learning framework which is beyond the traditional Video Conferencing. The company aims to create a seamless and hassle-free workplace experience. Easy-to-use platform helps the employees access the desired information easily and also reduces the system dependency.

 Prasoon Nigam, CTO & Co-founder of Stratbeans  said that updating the user interface was very important because with remote working, all the business enterprises are looking for solutions which will provide a faster learning to improve the productivity. The new interface is an easy-to-use platform which will helps the users to have a seamless experience and hence increase their interests more.