Stratbeans introduces AI-based proctoring solution to help educational institutions conduct rigorous examinations online.

Stratbeans is an online AI-based learning. It introduced solutions based on AI for the educational institutions so that they can carry out the examinations easily. This platform provides all the facilities from live invigilation to online evaluation producing e-results. The need of manual intervention is almost zero.

The process starts with the school/universities creating question bank(s) based on different difficulty levels. After this, the AI engine will select the desired number and type of questions according to the teacher’s command. It will create multiple sets with Multiple-Choice-Questions, True & False questions, and Fill-in-the-blanks. No chances of bias as manual intervention is not there.The platform provides a sound invigilation by generating intelligent alerts to the institution. It can also track the candidate’s movement and also captures a student’s pictures at random intervals during the examination hours to ensure that the candidate is not using any unfair means.

Sameer Nigam, CEO, Stratbeans said that the current pandemic situation has called for urgent need in changing the concept of teaching and conducting examinations. Conducting exams in examination halls are no longer possible. Online examinations are the only solution. Stratbeans AI-based invigilation technology helps conducting the exams easily ensuring that the student does not cheat. It’s online assessment platform will allow the students to check the scores immediately after submitting their responses.