Stop sending Wedding Cards and Promote E-Invites

Chairperson of FICCI FLO, Jaipur
Chairperson of FICCI FLO, Jaipur

The men are considered to be more technology savvy but the modern Indian women are no less either. The women entrepreneurs are effectively and efficiently using digital media to spread their business. This is what we found out while having a candid talk with Ms. Alka Batra who is presently the Chairperson of FICCI FLO, Jaipur Chapter. The excerpts from the Interview are as follows:

Aparna Mal: Who is your Role Model?

Ms. Alka Batra: I am a self-motivated person who believes in the philosophy that not a single day should go waste. I don’t have one single role model but 4 role models: Indira Gandhi , Margratte Thatcher, Kiran Bedi and Mother Teresa who believed in giving back to society. I want to have qualities -a bit of each one of them. I am a multitasker , Blessed Indian woman having 18 years of work experience and a 20 years old daughter who is at present studying in St.Stephens College of University of Delhi. I have to my credit 13 awards which includes 2 National and 11 State Awards.

Aparna Mal : Are you or FICCI FLO-Jaipur doing some work at the Grass root level for the upliftment of poor women?

Ms. Alka Batra:  Yes, 500 ladies are getting trained for life and will be provided employment. Number of  NGOs in and around Jaipur, Kachi Basties, old age homes, deaf & dumb have been reached.

Aparna Mal : What is your contribution in the IT sector or in digitalization?

Ms. Alka Batra : I believe in the conservation and cautious utilization of resources be it water, a piece of paper, electricity or time. Coming back to your AparnaMaltion, let me tell you that I am a firm believer of paperless office, we have stop sending hard copies of anything. We send e-cards for invitations and use social media to send our message across.

Aparna Mal : Which is your favourite App or game or gadget ?

Ms. Alka Batra: Whatsapp is my favourite application and Cellphone is the gadget which I feel has become the necessity. Recently we had organized a talk of Ms. Juhi Chawla who told us about the harmful effects of radiations so I avoid using cellphone in the office and use my landline instead.

Aparna Mal: Are you aware 20 hrs Digital skill program of the government costing Rs.125/- or the RKCL’s free training programs for women.

Ms.Alka Batra: No, I am not aware of the same.

Aparna Mal : What is your role in spreading the IT knowledge?

Ms.Alka Batra: As you know that I have been running my Placement & HR consultancy business for the past 18 years under the name of “Aegis Jobs Pvt. Ltd.”. Aegies website was among the first 100 websites in the country for that it was featured in “Business World” in 2003. We are proud pioneers in having own website way back in 2003 when having a website was not a trend.

Aparna Mal: What are the upcoming events of FICCI FLO Jaipur ?

Ms.Alka Batra:  We have two important events coming up: one on 31st July’15 and second on 11th Aug’15 in which we have invited Ms.Naina Lal Kidwai who was the 1st Lady FICCI Chairperson and Ms. Jyotsana Suri-  the Present FICCI Chairperson. They are the powerful ladies in India and motivate others as well.

AparnaMal : How is FICCI FLO Jaipur different from FICCI Men’s Chapter?

Ms.Alka Batra: FICCI FLO is more popular because its active role. We have maximum number of members. We organize atleast 2 events in a month, on an average 20 events in a year.

AparnaMal : What is FICCI FLO –Jaipur’s contribution in “Beti Bachao Beti Padao” ?

Ms.Alka Batra: We founded an organization “Association of Women Enterpreneurs”.  We started much-much before this campaign was launched. We go to villages do different activities for spreading awareness. We felicitated 100 mothers who helped their daughters in not only getting school education but also sent them to college. We organize atleast 8-10 events in an year.

AparnaMal : Last AparnaMaltion Ma’am- What is your message for the IT Industry?

Ms.Alka Batra: First and foremost : There is a need to educate 35-40+yrs of persons about the utilization of Information Technology, since they lack information so they learn it from their kids. I mean the middle age and senior citizens.

Secondly : We should stop sending wedding cards and Promote e-invites.

Thirdly : We should promote paperless offices as well.



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