Sterlite Tech to set up customer experience centre in Gurgaon

Pune-based Sterlite Technologies is setting up a customer experience centre in Gurgaon in Haryana, which will showcase the latest technologies that have not been commercially launched in India yet. The centre, which will be operational by June, is being set up at an estimated cost of Rs 20-25 crore.
Anand Agarwal, CEO at Sterlite Technologies, told ET that the company was holding discussions with three of its OEM partners to determine what technologies they would showcase initially. “This will be a full simulated network, from long distance to homes, and will showcase different technologies and applications for the customers to try out,” he said.
These could be technologies like small cell or 5g, which are being talked about but are not available commercially. Spread over 20,000 sq ft, the centre is collocated with the company’s office in Gurgaon.