NexGTv’s unique ‘data saving’ Feature Takes The Pain Out Of Video Streaming

Enables users to save data by as much as 5 times, realizing extensive savings

Growth and popularity of digital video notwithstanding, Data_Saving_Mode_Off_option_1mobile streaming is still a big drain on the monthly data plans of most users. Especially so in a market like India – which is indisputably prepaid! It’s not uncommon to see consumers either switching off their mobile data & internet while ‘roaming’ or preferring to use Wi-Fi or other hotspots in an obvious effort to minimize their data consumptions.

Balancing this critical user need with their penchant for mobile streaming, nexGTv – India’s biggest subscription-driven video entertainment app and mobile TV pioneer, has introduced a unique feature that empowers users to manage their data flow at will during a streaming session, minimizing its usage and substantially extending the validity of their data plans, realizing immense savings for end-users across both mobile and Wi-Fi networks. The innovative development underlines nexGTv’s unstinting commitment and focus to stay ahead of the curve and always keep the user interest at the very core of its business in order to ensure that pain points are minimized and only the best possible user experience is delivered.

The feature named ‘data saving’ debuts in the latest build of the nexGTv App, which has just been released on the Google Play store. Positioned on the top right corner of the streaming screen as a toggle button with easy ‘switch on-switch off’ functionality, the unique feature alternates between data saving and performance modes. Activating the ‘Save Data’ mode does not affect the quality of audio streaming in any manner. As per tests undertaken by nexGTv, the feature can help a user save data by as much as five times even as they continue streaming, improving and significantly extending the validity of a user’s data plan.

Speaking about it, Mr. Abhesh Verma, Chief Operating Officer, nexGTv, commented, “It is unfortunate that most digital consumers have to keep a careful eye on their data usage to avoid overshooting their monthly limits lest they incur prohibitively high data charges. Our new ‘Save Data’ feature will enable viewers to regulate their viewing experience, allowing them to not just continue streaming video but also conserve data simultaneously.”

This approach allows a user to change or edit the pre-configured streaming profiles defined by nexGTv, which otherwise, automatically detects the network environment a user is in to enable the most appropriate or optimum streaming experience. The company has taken By enabling users to exercise control and choose their viewing experience themselves, nexGTv’s innovative feature will ensure that users continue to use their data plans for far longer periods than earlier.

“Given the rising data cost as well as usage sensitivity for most consumers, it is imperative that users derive the maximum ROI from their data plans. The ‘Save Data’ feature has been introduced for the benefit of the end-consumers helping them juice their data plans completely. We are confident that users will appreciate this feature and use it extensively to conserve data while streaming” Abhesh added.

Aside from data-saving feature, the latest build also features other improvements such as Ease of play, enabling full landscape view which works even when portrait-landscape changeover is disabled on a device, as well as faster response times owing to compressed communication between the server and the device.