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Spotify may add reportedly full-length music videos

Spotify is renowned worldwide as one of the top music streaming applications, offering a wide range of features and a user-friendly interface. However, it currently lacks a feature that YouTube Music possesses – the ability to support full-length music videos. But this could soon change.

According to a report from Bloomberg, citing anonymous sources familiar with the matter, the Swedish music streaming platform is considering the addition of full-length music videos to its app. This move aims to enhance its competitiveness against rivals like TikTok and YouTube Music, which are known for their video content.

While Spotify already allows artists to upload GIF images that play alongside their music tracks, these fall short of providing the complete music video experience.

Spotify, a popular music streaming platform, has reportedly begun discussions with partners to introduce music videos to its app. The company aims to attract more Gen Z users away from short-form video platforms like YouTube and TikTok. Currently, Spotify already offers over 100,000 podcasts with videos. However, compared to YouTube Music, Spotify is still behind in terms of supporting full-length music videos.

In addition to this potential update, Spotify is also planning to launch a new subscription tier called “Supremium,” which will offer lossless audio streaming. The feature, originally announced as “Spotify HiFi” in February 2021, is yet to be released. The new premium plan is expected to debut later this year, initially in markets outside the United States.

Furthermore, Spotify recently gave its desktop app a facelift, improving the user experience by introducing redesigned interfaces for “Your Library” and “Now Playing.” These changes align the desktop version with the mobile app, making it easier for users to explore, curate, listen to, and organize their music.

However, Spotify has also undergone some restructuring, including layoffs in its podcast unit. In its second round of job cuts, the company eliminated 200 positions as part of its plan to restructure following significant investments in podcasting.

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