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Spotify introduces AI-driven feature: Create playlists using text prompts

Spotify is revolutionizing personalized music experiences with the introduction of AI playlists, marking a significant advancement in the realm of music streaming. This innovative feature, currently in beta, empowers premium users to craft bespoke playlists using simple text prompts.

As a pioneer in embracing generative AI technology, Spotify is leading the charge in leveraging artificial intelligence to enhance user engagement. With the AI playlist feature, users can unleash their creativity by generating custom playlists tailored to their preferences and moods. Whether it’s serenading a beloved pet or preparing for a fictional zombie apocalypse, users can input text prompts such as “songs to serenade my cat” or “beats to battle a zombie apocalypse” to curate playlists that resonate with their unique tastes.

Available on both Android and iOS platforms, the AI playlist feature is currently accessible in select markets such as the UK and Australia, with plans for further expansion. Spotify Premium subscribers have the exclusive privilege of utilizing this cutting-edge feature, which harnesses the power of generative AI to deliver personalized music recommendations based on users’ inputs.

By incorporating text prompts, emojis, colors, and even references to movie characters, Spotify ensures that users have a diverse array of creative avenues to explore when building their playlists. The platform’s sophisticated AI algorithms analyze these inputs to discern users’ musical preferences, whether it’s specific artists, genres, or moods, and curate playlists accordingly.

Behind the scenes, Spotify’s AI technology relies on a generative AI model known as LLM (Language Model for Language Modeling) to interpret users’ intent and generate music recommendations tailored to their preferences. Additionally, Spotify has introduced an AI-powered DJ feature, offering bespoke music curation complemented by spoken-word commentary, further enriching the listening experience.

While many of Spotify’s AI-driven features are currently exclusive to premium subscribers, the platform’s commitment to innovation comes with potential adjustments to subscription costs. Recent reports suggest that Spotify is contemplating raising subscription fees in select markets, with a potential increase from $1 to $2. Additionally, the platform is imposing more restrictions on its free tier, incentivizing users to upgrade to premium subscriptions for enhanced features and benefits.

As Spotify continues to push the boundaries of AI-driven music personalization, users can expect an even more immersive and tailored listening experience. With AI playlists paving the way for customized music discovery, Spotify remains at the forefront of innovation in the music streaming industry, reaffirming its commitment to delivering unparalleled value to its subscribers.

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