March 9, 2021

Sophos to address the security requirement of Indian Mid Market

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UK-based Sophos, a global IT Security Company today announced its strategy to strengthen its market presence in Indian ‘Mid Market & Pragmatic Enterprise’ to over 40% in next three to four years. This would enable Sophos to further consolidate its position in the Indian cyber security industry.

With cyber threats continually becoming more advanced and lethal, there is a challenge for businesses, not just in India, but globally. Sophos has established itself as a leader by offering creative and innovative approach to deal with the ever evolving cyber threats with practical and effective solutions.

“We believe there is a massive opportunity to use new technologies like Cloud, big data, and the ability to connect different “silos” of IT security (like network, endpoint, and mobile) to deliver better security for Indian businesses.  And there is also a chance to combine great technology with a focus on a simple and approachable user experience and design that has been largely missing from the IT security landscape”, said Mr. Kris Hagerman, Chief Executive Officer, Sophos.

Seeing an opportunity in the Indian mid market, which is a massive under-served market, Sophos will be adopting ‘Project Galileo Strategy’ whereby it will further consolidate its approach of shifting the security world from individual, stand-alone components to integrated end-user, server and network protection that compare notes, correlate, and proactively respond to threats.


With the evolution of pragmatic enterprise, wherein it is more about how an enterprise runs its IT than its size, Sophos see an opportunity in this vertical too with its single unified cloud-based management platform that will incorporate its entire portfolio of user-based security across end users, mobile ,servers and networks.


“The most important part of our strategic approach is that we will continue to remain a 100 per cent channel company. This will further enhance our reach across the Indian mid-market & pragmatic enterprise”, said Mr. Kuldeep Raina, Country Manager, India & SAARC, Sophos.