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Sony will launch the PlayStation Earbuds – Focus on Lossless Audio for PS5 and PC Gaming

Source: Sony

During the recent PlayStation Showcase, Sony unveiled its own set of wireless earbuds. These Bluetooth-enabled buds are designed to be compatible with the PlayStation 5, PC, and Sony’s upcoming Project Q handheld device.

Sony has promised that the earbuds will incorporate a new wireless technology developed by SIE (Sony Interactive Entertainment) to provide lossless audio and minimal latency. While the company didn’t provide many specifics about the buds, they mentioned that more details will be shared in the coming months. Although Sony already offers highly regarded wireless earbuds like the Sony WF-1000XM4, they lack the necessary compatibility for direct use with the PS5 for gaming. This new offering aims to address that limitation.

Aside from the earbuds, the star of the PlayStation event was the anticipated Project Q handheld device. Resembling an elongated DualSense controller with an integrated screen, this handheld gadget boasts an 8-inch LCD display capable of delivering games at up to 1080p and 60fps over Wi-Fi. Sony, however, only provided a brief glimpse of what the Project Q has to offer, leaving fans eager for more information. We have already provided comprehensive coverage on the Handheld Q and the showcased games in previous articles.

As Sony continues to develop and unveil these new accessories and devices, gamers can anticipate an enhanced gaming experience with innovative features and cutting-edge technology. The wireless earbuds and the Project Q handheld have the potential to expand the PlayStation ecosystem, catering to players seeking versatile and immersive gaming solutions.

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