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Samsung has launched its new Smart Monitor lineup Globally

Source: Samsung

Three new Smart Monitors—the M50C, M70C, and M80C—were revealed by Samsung last month in South Korea. The business declared today that its 2023 lineup of smart monitors will go on sale everywhere. It implies that the new monitors will soon be available in a number of significant nations throughout the world.

The prices of these monitors have not yet been disclosed by Samsung, but we anticipate that they will be disclosed separately for each country’s availability announcement.

The three displays in Samsung’s new Smart Monitor lineup are the M50C, M70C, and M80C. The M50C is the most reasonably priced model and is available in 27- and 32-inch sizes. It has Full HD resolution, 250 nits of maximum brightness, HDR10, a 60Hz refresh rate, a 4ms grey-to-grey response time, and a contrast ratio of 3,000:1.

Two HDMI 1.4 connectors, two USB Type-A 3.1 Gen 1 ports, five 5W+5W stereo speakers, and a remote controller with USB Type-C charging are all included in the Smart Monitor M50C. It is available in black and white and works with the 100×100 VESA mount. Using a separate USB dongle, it can operate smart home appliances that are compatible with SmartThings.

The Smart Monitor M70C has a 32-inch 4K screen with a maximum brightness of 300 nits, HDR10, a frame rate of 60 Hz, a reaction time of 4 ms, a contrast ratio of 3,000:1, and support for Multi View. It has 5W+5W stereo speakers and supports the 100×100 VESA mount. It is available in Warm White and offers tilt, pivot, and height adjustments. It contains two USB 3.1 Gen 1 Type-A connectors, one USB Type-C port (for 65W Power Delivery charging), and one HDMI 2.0 port. It works with the Samsung Slim Fit webcam.

The M80C is the most expensive model available in Samsung’s portfolio of 2023 Smart Monitors. It has a 32-inch 4K screen with a 400 nits maximum brightness, HDR10+, a refresh rate of 60 Hz, a ratio of 3,000:1, and a reaction time of 4 ms. It includes built-in support for Thread (Matter), ZigBee, and SmartThings. Adjustments for height, pivot, and tilt are supported by the stand. Four colors—Daylight Blue, Spring Green, Sunset Pink, and Warm White—will be available when the monitor first goes on sale. It has a remote controller that supports USB Type-C charging and has two 5W stereo speakers. A Slim Fit Cam is included in the box.

Tizen OS is used by the M50C, M70C, and M80C. As a result, it works with all widely used streaming music and video providers. They have Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity. Additionally, these displays enable Microsoft 365, Workspace, AirPlay 2, Miracast, Samsung DeX, Multi View (two video streams), Samsung Gaming Hub, and Google Meet video chatting. Additionally, they have far-field microphones that can pick up voice instructions for Alexa and Bixby.

Hoon Chung, Executive VP of Visual Display Business at Samsung Electronics, said, “We are raising the bar for Smart Monitors globally with our new lineup and especially our enhanced M8 model. Within a single monitor, users can enjoy the best of entertainment and gaming, productivity, design and personalized convenience and comfort.”

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