Sony may have inadvertently revealed the release date for the PlayStation 6

The launch of Sony’s PS6, the company’s upcoming console generation, appears to be in the works already. According to a company document, it will take place around 2027. It would therefore seem accurate to state that the PS5 has five years left before it is replaced.

The UK’s Competition and Markets Authority is looking into Microsoft’s $68 billion acquisition of Activision Blizzard, a deal that Sony has challenged, and a document has been made public as part of that probe.

According to the 22-page letter, Sony “believes the acquisition will hurt competition, industry players, and users.” Microsoft claims that the deal “increases competition in a market that Sony has long controlled.” Also noted by the American behemoth was the superiority of PS5 exclusives over Xbox exclusives. However, that may not even be the most interesting update.

A minor mention of the post-PS5 future generation console may be found in the document’s discussion on Call of Duty’s significance for the console market. According to Sony, it will “lose access to the Call of Duty licence and other Activision games.” When the company is preparing to launch a new console.

Sony made this claim by speculating that the release would take place on or around a particular date. The document’s specifics, however, have been kept a secret. Sony has reportedly indicated explicitly in this case that the year 2027. It appears accurate that the PS6 would launch seven years after the PS5.

As early as next year, Sony should start preparing to release a new PS5 Slim model. The latter would have a removable disc drive that is distinct in terms of size. Just lately, Microsoft stated that Call of Duty would remain accessible on the PlayStation. For a minimum of another ten years, that is, opposite to what Sony believes.

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