January 18, 2021

Sony Lunches Smart Eyeglass Technology On 10 March

Sony has announced that pre-orders for the SmartEyeglass Developer Sony_SmartEyeglass Edition (SED-E1) have started today in both UK and Germany. Sony expects to launch the SmartEyeglass Developer Edition on 10 March 2015. In the UK, the SmartEyeglass Developer Edition will cost £620, whilst in Germany it is €800.

Sony will release the software development kit for developers to improve user experience of SmartEyeglass. The company is encouraging developers and software enterprises to join hands in development of SmartEyeglass. Sony is planning the commercial release of SmartEyeglass in 2016. Company has target of developing fun and functional apps for SmartEyeglass so that people will be more interested in buying an eyewear gadget.

The official spokesperson from Sony said, “We have predicted the future of wearable devices and we are working on different use-cases to tap skilled developers to improve the user experience of SmartEyeglass”, TOI reports. The company has wide vision for the different use cases for eyewear. Sony thinks that there are wide applications of AR (augmented reality) which has great potential in professional and personal use. The smart eye wear can be used to transmit the visual information in different domains.

This is the right opportunity for Sony as Google has taken a step back to reinvent Glass. Google stopped sales of Glass in January. Glass had become widely popular in US in last year. Microsoft has recently revealed its HoloLens eyewear that will rule the virtual reality headwear market in near future.