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Sonic Lamb headphones offer a unique and unparalleled experience not found in any other available products on the market

Rapture Innovation Labs, an Indian tech start-up, is disrupting the traditional headphone landscape with its innovative Sonic Lamb headphones. These headphones claim to be the world’s first to feature patented hybrid driver acoustics, combining air and body conduction, particularly bone conduction, to deliver a unique audio experience. This departure from conventional headphone technology takes inspiration from how renowned composer Ludwig van Beethoven compensated for hearing loss by letting his body transmit music to his brain.

The Sonic Lamb headphones distinguish themselves by combining a dynamic audio driver with a proprietary hybrid subwoofer unit in each ear. While traditional audio drivers reproduce mid and high frequencies using air conduction, the bass and lower frequencies are managed in the same way. This results in a closed-box sensation with bass directed straight to the ear drums. However, the proprietary subwoofer utilizes thick earpads as a virtual diaphragm, transmitting mechanical impulses through the earpads against the skin and skeletal structure.

Despite this innovative approach, there are some concerns about the durability of the earpads and headband, which exhibit noticeable wrinkling over time. This may be indicative of thinner materials being used, potentially impacting longevity. Additionally, the quality and feedback from the physical buttons (pairing and volume controls) on the headphones need improvement. While these issues were identified in a beta-stage review unit, it is expected that these concerns will be addressed in retail units.




Sonic Lamb headphones are quite unlike anything else money can buy -  Hindustan Times
Sonic Lamb headphones are quite unlike anything else money can buy

One standout feature of the Sonic Lamb headphones is the inclusion of a dial that allows users to switch between different audio modes. The “Hear” mode maintains a neutral sound signature, ideal for various music genres and scenarios where powerful bass is not desired. The “Feel” mode introduces a slightly more ‘V-shaped’ equalizer preset, emphasizing the subwoofer for a dynamic listening experience. The “Immerse” mode enhances bass for genres like dance, techno, R&B, and remix tracks. There’s also a “Beast” mode that provides significant depth, suitable for movies with multi-layered soundscapes.

While the Sonic Lamb headphones offer an impressive audio experience, they lack a companion app for smartphones at present. The app, expected to be released soon for Android and iPhone devices, will likely allow users to customize sound settings and manage features such as turning codecs on or off. The headphones also feature an audio personalization test that tailors sound based on individual hearing frequencies.

Despite some rough edges, including build and material concerns, the Sonic Lamb headphones provide a high baseline of audio performance. The four distinctly tuned modes work seamlessly, offering versatility for different music genres and media consumption. The company has priced the Sonic Lamb headphones at ₹19,999, with a limited-time promotional price of ₹15,999.

As the headphones continue to undergo refinement, addressing durability issues and introducing a companion app, they have the potential to stand out in the competitive headphone market. The unique hybrid driver acoustics and customizable audio modes contribute to an intriguing proposition for consumers looking for an enhanced and personalized audio experience.

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