February 27, 2021

Social Media regulation a priority in the current scenario: Salman Khurshid

Considering the influence and consequences of social media to such a wide extent, external Affairs Minister Salman Khurshid has said that the freedom of social media needs to be regulated.No-Social-Media

Khurshid, in a statement said that the effectiveness of social media is because of the equality. It is the equality of social media and the ability of people to manipulate and use technology that gives freedom to them – a freedom which then, perhaps, needs to be regulated. A regulation is necessary because every freedom needs to be further regulated.

In a debate, on the topic of freedom vs. equality he said that he had never known of a regulation on equality but he was familiar with the regulation on the freedom.

A senior Congress leader asked him to read the constitution and said that being a true Indian, he needed to bow down to the constitution as there were reasonable restrictions on freedom of speech, work and action in the constitution.

Khurshid, on the setting up of an Equal Opportunities Commission, said that they were facing problems in establishing it.

He also assured to the other debating participants that, the commission was not about the equal commissions but it was about the equal opportunities.