Microsoft’s IPTV business unit is soon to be captured by Ericsson

Microsoft’s IPTV business unit is soon to be captured by Ericsson, as reported by the sources. The IPTV business unit makes the software which is used by companies like AT&T to provide television over the internet.images

This statement concerning the issue is expected to be announced very soon and as per prediction by the analysts, it can be declared in the coming few weeks. However, both the companies have declined to comment on the same.

The technology used in IPTV (Internet protocol television) enables the Internet to broadcast multimedia related matter over telecom and cable networks.

The largest maker of wireless networks, Ericsson wants to grant access to phone companies that are fighting with cable, satellite and web-based media providers, while software giant Microsoft is now aiming to focus on providing TV through its Xbox gaming console.

According to Microsoft’s website, its Mediaroom IPTV platform is presented by more than 40 of the world’s leading operators. These leading operators are successfully delivering services to more than eleven million households.

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