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Smart Cities, Safer Events: How AI Video Analytics Keeps Millions Protected

Monitoring the movement of thousands or millions of people can be challenging since big crowds pose a variety of potential risks and complexities, including safety concerns, security issues, and traffic and transportation challenges. These enormous events frequently require crowd flow dynamics, safety assurance, and security. As a result, ensuring the efficient coordination of such large gatherings necessitates modern technology such as crowd management, crowd identification and counting, theft detection, smoke and fire detection, waste disposal, graffiti search, and public property damage.

Advanced real-time monitoring requires advanced technology that can assist not only in crowd movement tracking but also in planning and coordination of early detection of potential issues, access and exit points information, visitor counting, crowd flow within the venue, and other tasks.

Video Analytics in India: Safe and Smart City Analytics
Vehant Technologies recently installed at least 80 licenses of AI and machine learning-based video analytics systems for crowd management during the Magh Mela. The technology helps detect and alarm using computer vision, item recognition, and classification platforms that may analyze live video feeds from cameras and deliver benefits in a variety of areas, starting with real-time incident detection. Data collected from many cameras and locations can be presented using Dashboards to offer users a comprehensive perspective of incidents taking place across geography.

The 54-day Magh Mela has high-tech security systems in place to ensure pilgrim safety and crowd management. A strong technology-enabled monitoring and crowd management system was set up to safeguard the protection and security of pilgrims and tourists, as well as an improved pilgrim experience. Vehant Technologies made the event a success by installing Video Analytics (OKEAN) for Crowd Management & Analysis, avoiding chaos, allowing entry and exit at regular intervals, enabling authorities to take prompt actions and respond to emergencies through real-time monitoring, and adhering to standard SOPs based on crowd density.

Video Analytics (OKEAN)
OKEAN’s AI platform utilizes neural network-powered deep learning algorithms to analyze real-time and historical data, identifying patterns and making automated decisions for safe and smart city infrastructure. The system reduces the risk of non-compliance, lowers the cost of monitoring, and boosts customer NPS. It is the most effective technique to track both outdoor and interior activity.

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