March 3, 2021

Skype preview version now available for BlackBerry 10 OS

Availability of Skype will provide a huge impetus to BlackBerry 10 OS, which has been criticised for having smaller app base.

skype on bb world

BlackBerry will be soon adding Skype app to its latest BlackBerry 10 OS. A preview version of the app has been added to BlackBerry World that lists the BlackBerry Q10 as supported devices and BlackBerry 10.1 as the required device software.

This means Skype app will be first available on the BlackBerry Q10, which is set to be launched in Canada on May 1 and in other markets later next month. Skype for BlackBerry Z10 customers will be then rolled out.

When the Z10 and Q10 were announced earlier this year, Skype was among the top apps to support the latest BlackBerry platform. Skype is a popular app with hundreds of millions of users across the world, and its availability on BB World could provide a huge impetus to the latest OS, which still misses out on top apps such as Netflix and Instagram.

So far, most of the user reviews posted on BlackBerry World have given positive feedback to the app. Overall, the app has 3.5 out of 5 ratings. Check out the Skype (Preview) here.

Besides Skype, BlackBerry will be announcing availability of other popular apps such as Angry Birds, Dropbox, Need for Speed Undercover with the launch of the Q10.