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Skype calls led to “Biggest Cyber Fraud”, Delhi Doctor ended up losing 4.5 Crore

Delhi Doctor conned by fraudsters posing as RBI officials

The biggest cyber con case has emerged over the internet these days as a lady doctor from Delhi was crooked by some fraudsters posing themselves as RBI officials from Customs and Narcotics Department of Maharashtra Police. She was conned for a whopping amount of Rs.4.47 crore , which is the biggest amount till date for being crooked in an online scam in the capital.

The fraudsters allegedly enacted as officials from narcotics division and were able to convinced the doctor about seizure of a MDMA drug courier, later on she was asked to download Skype on her device through which she was made to transfer the above mentioned money by breaking her fixed deposit after getting knowledge of her financial details. She was made to fill a RTGS form and also an online complaint for the drug interception by them. Delhi Police after coming to be aware about the news has filed a complaint and started their investigation.

Newspaper cut-outs through Times Of India

34-year old doctor, Poonam Rajput was told that a Fed-EX courier carrying “MDMA” drug which were alleged on her name have been detected and she’s found to be linked to it. Turning her into their mischievous plan by giving her imprisonment threats, she was made to believe that she was the recipient of the narco money and she should “temporarily hand over” the money to them. They posed as RBI officials including Mumbai’s Andheri Police Station, Reserve Bank of India (RBI), customs department, Narcotics Control Bureau, and even a Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP), were involved in the fraudulent scheme. The fraud gang were able to manage up to 23 fake accounts (which inflicted money laundering activities) using the KYC details of the doctor which were compromised in the process which started on 5th May , as the first call to her was reported to be on the very date , police reports indicated.

Posing as RBI officials , doctor conned of Rs.4.5 Cr through Skype calls

Despite ongoing efforts, the Delhi Police officials are still in the process of tracing the Skype calls and identifying those responsible for this network, the officials added.

The woman was compromised to this level, that she was made to even share all her bank and financial statement screenshots with the scammers, she blindly followed the instructions of posing cyber scammers and shared all of her essential details on Skype. A lady fraud claiming as “cop” made the doctor to break her Rs.1.15 Crore FD , then break the rest of it from bank in Gopinath Bazaar. She was asked not to reveal about the crime to anyone not even her husband. Her Aadhar ID has been blocked whilst issuing her a new fake Aadhar ID after sum of Rs.4.47 crore had been laundered.

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