SKYPE facility offered by miim receives quick response from aspirants of IIM-IPM Indore

miim itvoiceStudents are money conscious. They understand how their parents are managing to provide them education of good quality. They do not comprise when the matter pertains to educate their wards according to need of time. Now the students doing 12th or equivalent courses have several options for admission in academic or professional courses post 12th class. The students as well as their parents give priority to such course which guarantees absorption of student in leading organizations after completion of course.

Indian Institute of management (IIM) Indore is known for running different courses with a view to build students strong to face the present competitive era and a five year’s integrated course on management is one of such courses. IIM Indore has recently been ranked first amongst the best 50 business schools of the country. Admission in IIM Indore is not easy. The institute due to having high reputation in corporate world receives applications from the candidates approximately 200+ times the seats available. Miim, the image management institute based at Indore has been assisting the aspirants of IPM-IIM Indore through correspondence course from last two academic sessions and was successful to provide maximum selections for IIM Indore in two consecutive years, i.e. 2012 and 2013.

Atul Malikram, mentor, miim says” I during comfortable period think over many issues including unrest in the young generation. These guys are actually those who are not able to identify the platform where they can showcase their willingness. I as a teacher can guide them on their problems but when they are keeping mum, I am help less. We have seen anxiety of students as well as their parents for identifying the sources through which they can approach their goals. The situation becomes critical when a student doing regular course, insists upon doing some parallel course for preparation of IPM. We understood the situation of wards and parents and decided to device such a course, which does not come in the way of regular course and a student doing 12th class can easily go through it. We are happy that our efforts brought fruitful results and good number of students doing our courses got admission in IIM Indore for two years in succession.”

“We have been asked by many as to what necessitated us to start correspondence course when regular courses are already in force. For such quarries we submit our comparisons as under:

Regular courses                                                          Correspondence courses

Could be done in specific time                               No restriction

Costly                                                                               Economical

Devised traditionally                                       Devised keeping in view liking and needs of Students

As such if a student does our correspondence course, his regular course will not be disturbed and he/she can concentrate upon both the courses, simultaneously.” Atul added.

Admissions for correspondence course on IPM-IIM Indore 2014 – 2015 have started at miim. The desirous candidates can join the course and take advantage of SKYPE facility initiated by miim from this year. Now they can interact with faculty of the institution on their problems periodically. The students undergoing the courses are enjoying the facility as they have been consulting faculty members on their problems invariably. Hence the students opting IPM-IIM Indore course are cordially invited to join unique correspondence course of miim. itvoice

The institution has been successful in providing admissions in IIM Indore  to many students, and is committed to guide the forthcoming aspirants, we are sure that the goals set by them will be achieved during years to come.