Skype Celebrates Tenth Anniversary

Skype-Icons-Spotted-in-Latest-BlackBerry-10-Dev-Alpha-OS-Build-2When Skype came into being, it changed the way people connected to their distant relatives and friends. And this revolutionary service has now completed ten years of existence.

This Internet messaging service boasts of a total of 300 million users who make some 2 billion minutes of online calls every day. Such is the popularity that like Google replaced the word online search, it replaced the online video calls. It even pushed competitors to come out with innovative technologies like Apple’s FaceTime.

Going back to its origin, Skype was introduced by two technology entrepreneurs in August 2003, Niklas Zennstroem of Sweden and Janus Friis of Denmark, who worked on peer-to-peer networking technologies.

As soon as it was announced, Skype took off in a major way connecting people from across the world in a cheaper and faster way.

Elisa Steele, Skype chief marketing officer had said, “I’m touched by the ways people use Skype, from an active duty soldier meeting his baby girl for the first time… to just the simple, extraordinarily ordinary instances.” “These instances include a mum and daughter being able to see and talk to one another in a way that feels like they’re just sitting across the kitchen table from each other. Our greatest achievement lies in these moments.”

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