Infopulse Releases Application Packaging Self-Service 2.8

1b14094bc28d751d70fa49805b51b6baFollowing the strategy to develop Application Packaging products and solutions, Infopulse releases new version of Application Packaging Self-Service 2.8, the solution aimed to automate application packaging, testing and documenting.

Automate to simplify

Application Packaging Self-Service (APS) is an innovative cloud solution that provides smart application packaging, testing and documentation and is increasing the efficiency and reducing cost of application packaging service delivery.

With APS, user needn’t take care of computing facilities, infrastructure, storage, tool set and extended knowledge of packaging technology/processes. Instead, everything needed is available through a web interface and accessible from any device”, – says Oleg Nalyvaiko, Product Manager at Infopulse.

The solution includes such features as:

Routine operations automation, batch processing with nearly no user interaction

Automated creation of MSI, MST, App-V packages

Centralized control and management

Installing and configuring applications through the web interface

Access to a virtual packaging OS through the web interface

Integration with MSI Generator and possibility to edit and adjust of your packages later

Possible deployment as a standalone solution and integration with SCCM 2012.

Innovation by Infopulse: Smart Update service

Most of the commonly used applications are being updated by vendors several times a month. From one hand it is expensive to package each update, from other hand, users need the latest version to ensure security and functionality.

This challenge is being resolved by Smart Update – Infopulse monitors new versions of the 100+ common used software products and packages them in MSI, App-V 4.6, App-V 5.0 formats according to best practice standards and controlled desktop environment demands. All Smart Update packages are available for download and subscription in Application Packaging Self-Service.

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