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Sinch Celebrates World Email Day with DocxComm: A New Chapter in Document Management

Poised to revolutionize marketing communication across multiple platforms

Sinch AB (publ), which is pioneering the way the world communicates through its Customer Communications Cloud, announced the launch of DocxComm, an innovative document management product designed to enhance business communication. Unveiled on World Email Day, DocxComm empowers businesses to create a more engaging and interactive user experience across various communication channels.

Sinch empowers businesses to securely connect with customers across various channels, fostering seamless communication and stronger relationships. Its latest offering, DocxComm, seamlessly ingests data from multiple sources and generates polished PDFs, images, or an interactive flipbook. These dynamic communications can be instantly disseminated via any digital communication channel, maximizing outreach and fostering user engagement.

DocxComms goes beyond static documents, offering an interactive reading experience with features like page turning, multimedia integration, and zoom/pan functionality. Real-time updates keep everyone informed via email, SMS, or WhatsApp. DocxComms caters to diverse communication needs by allowing creation of rich multimedia content with interactive features. Data-driven businesses gain valuable analytics and insights on user engagement to optimize communication strategies. Security remains a priority with password protection to safeguard sensitive information.

“In today’s communication landscape, businesses need to move beyond static content to capture user attention and drive results,” said Mr. Nitin Singhal, Managing Director of Sinch India. “DocxComm addresses this need by offering an innovative solution that transcends traditional document delivery. It empowers businesses to create a more engaging and interactive user experience, fostering deeper connections and stronger brand recall.”

DocxComm caters to a wide range of industries like banking, real estate, and healthcare to deliver interactive experiences, from sending clickable account statements to showcasing virtual property tours and educating patients with multimedia content.

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