Significant Upgrade Features Predictive Anomaly Detection, Enhanced Mobile App Measurement, Real-Time Data Visualizations And Robust Video Metrics

 Adobe-LogoAdobe (Nasdaq:ADBE) unveiled new features and functionality that extend the industry-leading capabilities of Adobe Analytics, a key element of Adobe Marketing Cloud. The upgrades are designed to significantly enhance marketers’ and data analysts’ abilities to rapidly identify and take action on critical insights for their business. New innovations include predictive analytics capabilities, advanced real-time reporting and data visualizations, video analytics advancements and powerful mobile app analytics.

“Marketers are being held accountable for consistently improving the returns they can deliver on marketing spend,” said Bill Ingram, vice president of Adobe Analytics and Adobe Social, Adobe. “New Adobe Analytics capabilities like predictive analytics and data visualization will help marketers understand the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns and drive better business results.”

“A study by Adobe and CMO Council, the APAC Digital Marketing Performance Dashboard 2012, highlighted that Indian marketers are analytical and strategic in their approach to digital marketing,” said Umang Bedi, Managing Director, Adobe South Asia. “About 70% of respondents indicated that they are measuring and testing results of digital marketing campaigns. The features and functionalities that we have added to Adobe Analytics help empower Indian marketers with powerful insights through access to in-depth analytics, equipping them to derive better ROI on their marketing campaigns.”

New advanced analytics functionality includes:

Predictive Analytics (Anomaly Detection) — New predictive capabilities enable marketers and data analysts to quickly uncover critical insights through automated Anomaly Detection, a powerful capability that identifies data points that fall outside of the norm based on historical trends. As the volume of cross-channel data continues to increase, these insights can be missed by analysts and data scientists. Anomaly Detection can be accessed from the Adobe Marketing Cloud interface and in the new Adobe Analytics iOS App for mobile device reporting. It can also be integrated into customized marketing dashboards through open APIs.

Advanced Real-Time Reporting —With this release, enhanced real-time reporting capabilities in Adobe Analytics enable marketers, editors, and business users to better understand content consumption, campaign success, and on-site conversion as it happens. Marketers can see their data at a granular level, refreshing as often as every five seconds.

Data Visualization Upgrades—Marketers can now filter real-time streams of data to isolate key metrics and visually depict insights such as whether a retailer’s “daily deal” is performing, and what times of the day orders are being placed on their site. Additionally, real time reporting visualizations can be toggled for display on big screen TVs and large computer monitors in a news room or a marketing department war room.

Mobile Analytics—Adobe measures more than 400 billion transactions per quarter via mobile Web and app experiences. The new mobile app software developer kit (SDK) enables full access to analyze data collected from mobile apps in Adobe Analytics. A new mobile dimension added is GPS location, which enables marketers to serve location-specific content to their customers based on their location when they access a mobile app.

In-app Conversion Analysis—Based on conversion metrics such as time spent in an app or what actions a user takes while in that app, marketers can understand how users complete key actions such as purchasing an item after first viewing. This can be useful in identifying app experiences where users get ‘stuck’ and provides guidance for improvements in the app.

Video Metrics— Upgraded video metrics provide video publishers powerful, standardized video analytics reporting and measurement capabilities. This new capability captures user data every 10 seconds for content and every 5 seconds for ads using “heartbeat” measurements which are aggregated and sent back into Adobe Analytics to provide minute-granularity insights. Video ad tracking, integrated with content delivery, will enable broadcasters to optimize their ad loads by understanding the best times to insert ads, best number of ads to show, and ideal length of ads to ensure least amount of impact to viewer engagement.

Additional Quote

“Adobe continues to deliver innovations in analytics that make it easier for marketers to do our jobs and prove ROI,” said Ben Meacham, Web Analytics and Multi-VariateTesting Manager, Skullcandy. “The new real-time reporting functionality will enable us to get insights into our data faster, which helps us drive better business results.”

New functionality in Adobe Analytics is expected to be available to customers later this quarter.