Shazam updated with streamlined UI, real-time lyrics

Song-identification app Shazam sees its first update since being bought by Apple for $400 million at the end of 2017. It comes as no surprise to see the service lean slightly towards Apple Music, notably with its freshly streamlined interface.
Now, when users Shazam a song, only key information is displayed on the results page, such as the artist name, track name and a picture of the artist. The app’s new menu offers direct access to song lyrics – now with synced lyrics, for real-time singalongs – as well as videos, updates and more.

Note that for the time being, it is still possible to listen to tracks and add them to playlists via Spotify and other streaming services. It’s possible that Apple Music may be favored as the default platform for listening to tracks at some point.

Shazam is an application that lets users identify music, see song lyrics and follow certain artists to see which songs they’re Shazaming. It has been one of the world’s most popular mobile applications for years, with over 300 million active users each month.

The Shazam app is available to download free from Google Play (Android) and Apple’s App Store (iOS).

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