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Shaping Future – Travelogue

“A man needs, fearing the time
Who knows when, time changes its mood”

These lines were written by Sahir Ludhianvi for the film “Waqt,” and they proved to be true during the era of the coronavirus. No one is powerful over time, not knowing when someone may reach from the sky to the ground, or vice versa. We have no knowledge of it.

During the COVID era, not only did many lives perish, but the livelihoods of several individuals also came to an end. It affected everyone, regardless of their status or size.

Some time ago, we used to receive proposals from rural students, but as the information about Shaping Future spread, even middle-class and upper-middle-class families started approaching us.

COVID snatched away businesses, leaving such families stranded on the streets. Their properties were seized due to unpaid bank loans, making survival difficult. On one hand, earning a livelihood was a challenge, and on the other hand, providing education for their children was a significant hurdle.

When such families approached Shaping Future, the members of the organization stepped forward to help. Similarly, there was a family whose business had collapsed, and their talented child aspired to prepare for the IIT-JEE exam. However, due to a lack of financial resources, the family was in crisis. With the grace of God and the assistance of Shaping Future, the child’s future is being built, and he is so talented that his selection in the IIT is almost certain.

Along with Shaping Future, many generous donors and kind-hearted individuals are providing new laptops and smartphones to students of Shaping Future.

In Shaping Future-3, those donors who wish to contribute an amount of ₹10,000 or more can contact us. This amount is intended for the poor students who are unable to pay their school fees.

You can contact us at – Our address is:

[email protected]


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