Lockdown created new opportunities for Synergita as organizations are forced to embrace Digital HR to engage and empower employees. We witnessed an 800% increase in sharing continuous feedback on goals, OKRs, peer feedback, and appreciation – Shankar Krishnamoorthy, Synergita, Full Interview

Shankar Krishnamoorthy, Co-Founder & CEO of Synergita

Shankar Krishnamoorthy, Co-Founder & CEO of Synergita

Synergita is a pioneering cloud-based employee performance management platform. The company offers effective features like Employee Promotion, Continuous feedback tagging employee goals, and Advanced Voice-to-text. To keep in pace with society, Synergita has also introduced an innovative feature called Culture Rating. Below is an excerpt from an interaction between IT-Voice and Shankar Krishnamoorthy, Co-Founder & CEO of Synergita:

Prateek: Tell us about the journey of Synergita.

Shankar Krishnamoorthy: From the nascent stage, we at Synergita, have been focusing on creating peopleMAGIC by unleashing employees’ full potential. Our road map, new feature developments, and with our every step we reiterate this focus towards nurturing people and building high-performing teams. Our unwavering commitment towards an employee-development-focused talent management system created a positive influence on our customers’ growth and employee retention.  Our customers have been able to sight magical results on the engagement, higher level of performance.  Many of our customers are rated as Great Place to work and we have been fortunate to play a role in their people journey.  This helped us scale our growth and be a leader in HRTech solutions for performance management and employee engagement.  Our YoY revenue and user growth endorse the robustness of our solution, support, and our commitment to deliver the best for our customers and their employees.

Prateek: How did the organization cope up with the challenges during the pandemic?

Shankar Krishnamoorthy: It has been a difficult journey and like other companies, we are also going through the learning curve.  Fortunately, we are avid believers in cloud technologies.  Our product, Synergita itself is a cloud-based software.  So, we were able to deliver our product/services seamlessly without any interruptions.  Even though our people had to shift to work from home, they were able to deliver our services easily and our customers did not have any impact by this change.  That has helped protect our bread and butter.

As far as our internal tools, we have relied a lot on cloud solutions – for support desk for our customers, CRM, office 365, Microsoft Teams, etc.  That made our shift to WFH easier.

Our challenges have been more towards making the best of these tools, being in touch with our employees and being engaged, taking care of well being of employees and making sure that they and their families are safe, providing support for working from home, etc.

Thankfully, our customers also experienced the same seamless shift towards remote working with Synergita solution. They could continue their performance management process and engage with their employees remotely with built-in continuous feedback, virtual awards, and rewards. In a way, pandemic helped us realize the true power of continuous collaboration, feedback, check-ins in Synergita with more gusto.

The lockdown created new opportunities for us as organizations of all shapes and sizes are forced to embrace Digital HR to engage and empower employees. We witnessed an 800% increase in sharing continuous feedback on goals, OKRs, peer feedback, and appreciation. It gave us immense pleasure in providing a technology that helps employees share appreciation and recognition towards peers and help them continue their bond in some small ways.

Prateek: What will be your growth plans in the coming years?

Shankar Krishnamoorthy: Pandemic and the subsequent lockdowns created a major shift in the way we work. Though companies hesitate to go 100% remote culture, it is increasingly evident that hybrid work is here to stay. Digital HR will lead the change and we are proud to be a part of the transformation. We are developing new features and solutions to enhance remote collaboration to improve employee engagement and performance. Our newly launched sentiment analysis helps organizations analyze the feedback tones thereby bridging the gap of understanding the sentiments of the people working remotely.

We have aggressive growth plans on new customer expansion as well as upselling OKR, Engagement, and Perform Plus solutions to existing clientele. If the increase in the number of requests to our demo and free trial from SMEs is any indication, we are confident of growing 100% YoY in the coming years.

Prateek: How do Performance Management platforms are making a difference in organizations?

Shankar Krishnamoorthy: Organizations are fighting tooth and nail to retain employees in the age of ‘Great Resignation’.  Performance management is traditionally the most contentious issue between employers and employees. A Streamlined, fair, and transparent performance management system annihilates most of the reasons to quit.

The modern continuous performance management system includes frequent check-ins on goals to measure and monitor progress and offer intervention and support on time. This quashes resentment aroused during performance reviews and enables a smooth appraisal. The visibility, transparency, and documented historical feedback help employees get a fair appraisal and enhance their trust factor in the organization and management.

Moreover, Synergita delivers a holistic talent management solution to build high-performing teams covering important employee lifecycle parameters such as engaging, motivating, nurturing, and developing employees. The dashboards and reports provide ready-to-use insights to develop a thriving ecosystem of talents. Our clients endorse this and we continuously upgrade the software to fulfill the dynamic HR trends.

We anticipate the importance of performance management systems to grow in this pandemic world.  With “Great resignation”, great Hiring is also happening.  The offer numbers and number of offers in the employee’s hands are unimaginable.  This will also lead to increased demand on the employee’s from the organization side for their performance.  Employees will be under increased pressure to prove themselves in their new organization/new role.  So, performance management systems will play a critical role in making sure that both employees and their managers are able to define the goals, track the achievements, provide feedback, etc.

Prateek: Why it is necessary for companies to switch to cloud-based solutions for employee engagement?

Shankar Krishnamoorthy: The one lesson we learned during the pandemic is ‘change is constant’ and it is not always going to be gradual. To survive and thrive during sudden cataclysmic changes, to be agile to pivot or grab new opportunities, to engage and empower employees seamlessly during the transition organizations need to switch to a cloud-based employee engagement solution.

Remote or hybrid or in-office work culture, cloud-based employee engagement solution offers flexibility to collaborate, nurture, recognize, and reward your employees’ achievements. Collaboration and recognition need to happen in-the-moment and continuously to have a positive and amplified impact. Cloud-based solution like Synergita plays a crucial role in managing employee engagement during normal and extreme times.

We witness the transformation, the sudden surge in usage of employee engagement solutions during the lockdown by our clients. It helped them stay on top of things, facilitate their business continuity and growth.

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