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Seqrite Announces New Version Of Seqrite Mobile Device Management (MDM)

Seqrite has launched a new version of Seqrite Mobile Device Management (MDM). The MDM application enables enterprises to Quickhealcontrol and monitor the growing workforce of smartphones and tablets that are used by enterprises all around the world. The cloud-based solution makes it extremely simple for enterprise admins to manage the security and productivity of all mobile devices that are deployed within its network.

The new version of Seqrite MDM now has three new features which are aimed at boosting a network’s monitoring capabilities and more. These features are Network Data Monitoring, Call/SMS Monitoring and Seqrite Launcher.

Key highlights of the new Seqrite MDM features   Network Data Monitoring – This feature allows admins to view data usage details of all the devices embedded within. This data can be viewed for usage details over Wi-Fi, roaming data or mobile data. Call/SMS Monitoring – With the help of this feature, network admins can view the call and SMS history of its devices. This allows them to boost the productivity of these devices and make auditing easier. Seqrite Launcher – Functioning as a standalone app, Seqrite Launcher allows admins to customize the functionality of mobile devices. As a result, the workforce can use devices which have only company specific apps and settings enabled.

Sanjay Katkar, Chief Technology Officer (CTO) further added – “MDM technologies enable companies to not only secure the mobile devices, but the data on them as well. Our MDM solution works on Android, iOS and Windows Phone, and these new features provide flexibility, user enablement and enhanced security. Monitoring data usage and call/SMS logs gives enterprises a layered approach to their security. Moreover, Seqrite Launcher now enables companies to run their customized apps on devices and choose what functions and settings can be accessed by users.”