Cooler Master Organized Seminar In Delhi

Cooler Master recently held a Seminar in Delhi. The aim of this seminar was to connect with its consumer and Cooler Master_held_Seminarretailers reinforcing its new mantra of ‘MAKE IT YOURS’. The show was spearheaded with the launch and unveiling of the Master Case 5 series of cases. With this official launch, Cooler Master intends to revitalize how you go about building a PC using the Free Form exterior modularity technology, which allows Customize, Adjust and Upgrade the chassis to ensure it remains optimally suited to one’s needs and usage scenario.

Free Form is the future of the enthusiast PC community. Eschewing traditional barriers it intends to make the entire chassis completely modular to the point of changing its component parts as and when new industry standards come to the fore. Free Form affords a user complete control over how their hardware looks and functions.

Cooler Master intends the Master Case to be fully exterior modular to the point of changing the form and functionality of the chassis by simply adding accessories and brackets as the end-user sees fit. Free Form allows for one to change the exterior look (and functionality) by swapping the cabinet’s doors, panels and shrouds.  In the interior of the chassis dense hard-drive mounting, impressive water cooling capability, multiple SSD placements and much, much more is possible as an enthusiast deems necessary. Built on the backs of Slip-n-Clip and Clip-n-Click modularity technology, the Cooler Master Master Case 5 offers a tantalizing glimpse into the future direction of the company.

Taking into account all of the above, Cooler Master had invited an eccentric collection of Enthusiasts and creators on the Indian scene with the aim to think out of the box, to showcase its embracing the concept of MAKE IT YOURS completely as an ethos and driving force behind every major release from now on. Pushing the envelope of the PC community whilst showing what is possible with the Master Case 5 series of chassis.