Seon Maintains Market Leadership In Mobile Video Surveillance

seonIn the 2013 edition of its bi-annual report on the mobile surveillance market*, IHS has ranked Seon as the world’s #1 provider of mobile surveillance equipment for school buses. This most recent report also marks an increase in Seon’s ranking in the transit surveillance Americas market from #6 in 2011 to #4 in 2013. Seon has successfully maintained its global leadership position in school bus surveillance since it was first recognized in 2007, and in the 2011 report achieved the distinction of Global Market Leader in Mobile Surveillance across all markets. Company ranking is determined by IHS (formerly IMS Research) based on annual sales revenue.

In an increasingly competitive marketplace, maintaining this leadership position is a testament to the quality of our products and our commitment to customer service,” says Peter Simmons, Director of Marketing. “Seon’s relentless focus on customer satisfaction has been instrumental in achieving this ranking, and we are extremely pleased to continue to be recognized by IHS for this commitment.

Seon’s mobile surveillance and fleet management solutions deliver industrial-strength hardware, enterprise-level software, high-performance wireless systems, and web-based access to live, real-time vehicle data and video anywhere, any time. “Feedback from Seon’s customers directly influences the design and engineering of our products, ensuring that we meet our customers’ present and future needs,” says Simmons.

Recent developments from Seon include the launch of vMax® Compass, an all-in-one solution for school transportation management that gives school transportation staff integrated, web-based access to plan & analyze routes, track vehicles & students, view live video, and monitor the status of on-board video equipment in real-time; vMax® Trac, an RFID card-based student tracking solution that allows transportation staff to generate a roster of students currently travelling on a bus, or instantly identify a student’s last known location; and the high-definition CHW exterior wedge camera that offers 3x the resolution of a typical analog camera while being designed for rugged exterior applications such license plate capture of stop-arm violations among others.

source : efy-time