Secureye Launches Latest Vandal-Proof Cameras, Full Details

S-IP-D2-VP-A Vandal Proof Camera by Secureye

S-IP-D2-VP-A Vandal Proof Camera by Secureye

Secureye, a market leader in providing security cameras in India for over 25 years has come with new vandal-proof Camera models. The mounted camera is suitable for banks, ATMs, factories, isolated mines, warehouses, parking, and airports. The Vandal Proof Cameras by Secureye are a perfect choice for customers who want a tough eye for their properties. Secureye’s Vandal Proof Camera will be available in two variants; S-IP-D5-VP-A (5MP) Dome with Audio & S-IP-D2-VP-A (2MP) Dome with Audio.

What is a Vandal Proof Camera? In simplest words, vandalism-proof security cameras are dome-shaped cameras secured with metal coverings to prevent the lens from any damage due to physical abuse. The latest models from Secureye are rated IK10 for Vandal Proof making them highly secure against any damage.

The smart camera feature a 1/3” Proan CMOS sensor with a 1920 x 1080 pixels resolution and M12 lens mount. The IR Range for the camera packs is rated at 30m making it an ideal choice for large structures and properties.

The SD card supports up to 128GB for long video recordings. Secureye Vandal Proof Cameras supports audio as well. It could be connected and operated with iPhone, iPad, Android devices, WEB, and CMS. The camera is developed to work in rough working conditions and thus it will work fine even in the negative -30°C ~ 60°C (-22°F ~ 140°F) and under the 95% humidity. The weather IP66 rating makes it a preferred choice for outdoor security.

Other smart functions include face detection, region exiting, line crossing, and area intrusion. The smart features will raise an alarm in case of any nuisance like cars traveling in the defined area making the parameter safer.

Vandal Proof Cameras by Secureye
Vandal Proof Cameras by Secureye

Price and availability of Secureye Vandal Proof Cameras

Both the models are launched in the market and could be purchased from our channel distributors. The 2MP variant S-IP-D2-VP-A costs Rs.4500 and the 5MP variant S-IP-D5-VP-A costs Rs.5500. More details about the Camera sets could be checked on the official website

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