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Sea of Thieves Combat Tips: Swordplay and Gunplay Techniques

Learn all the basic steps of combative techniques and game hacks at different levels in the Sea of Thieves multiplayer video game.

It doesn’t matter if you are a professional champion gamer or a first-time newbie in the PS gaming world; you can easily become great at it; it’s very easy and comprehensible for anyone.


Sea of Thieves is a first-person narrative action-packed game that puts you on a journey with multiple other players on an epic sailing voyage. It gives you the feel of a highly skilled pirate who goes on a dangerous expedition of the “Open World” via a pirate ship with hidden cues and obstacles. 

The Game’s Pirate theme is based on the Blockbuster Hollywood Franchise films The Pirates of the Caribbean and the iconic classic Goonies (1985). 

Sea of Thieves was an instant commercial success and became Microsoft’s most successful original intellectual property of the eighth generation.

Publication: Microsoft Studio

Release Date: 20th March 2018

Genre: Action, Adventure

Platform: Windows, Xbox One, Xbox series X/S

Mode: Multiplayer

Combative Techniques 

Sea Of Thieves features many pirate combative showdowns between players that will have you battling for treasure and glory. Most pirates wish to win these battles easily and, as such, seek the best tips to eradicate their opponents without much effort. There are many different mechanics that you can use to your advantage during PVP combat.

These Sea Of Thieves PVP tips will ensure that every first-timer newbie or a seasoned professional pirate can defeat their enemies during combat and help you become skilled with the most powerful pirate weapons. Here are the best ways to defeat other players in the game of Sea Of Thieves.

The Sea of Thieves game includes two prominent combative techniques to keep moving ahead with glory. 

They are the Swordplay and the Gunplay Weaponized Combat for survival. First of all let’s get started with Swordplay. 

Swordplay Tips 

Sword Lungeing is an important technique to master for these high-octane sword fights. Hold the full grip on your sword with your controllers while wielding it for an attack; it gives you more agility and movement space for a charging attack. 

Blocking technique is also imperative to dodge attacks from your opponents. You can easily move in any direction you want to dodge attacks by pressing your jump button. You can also fast slash by blocking and attacking while holding down the block. 

Don’t swing until you hit the 3 combos. It will give you far more advantage to get closer to your opponent and engage with them. Try to hit your opponent with a maximum range of cutlass. 

If someone tries to block you, Sword Lungeing is beneficial for you. But be careful to house your Sword lungeing animation to make it harder to dodge. 

Gunplay Weapons 

There are many great weapons available for you to attack your opponents efficiently. Most of the common weapons used in the Sea of Thieves’ combative form are as follows: 

  • Flintlock 

The Sailor Flintlock is the most preferred for exterminating your opponent in a close to mid-range. It has a notorious bullet drop, which is hard to master while taking on other players. 

The main advantage of the flintlock is that it has a good reload speed and can be fired accurately without having to aim down. One bullet will reduce a player’s health by around half, so it only takes two shots to kill a player.

  • Blunderbuss

Sailor Blunderbuss fires approximately 10 bullets from close range that will kill anyone based on the distance. Aiming down sight will reduce the bullets’ spread, increasing the deadliness at close range. 

It needs to be consistent with aiming, can be tricky in close-range, and is next to useless at long-range. Players must be cautious even when fighting AI because some skeletons are masters of the blunderbuss.

  • Trident of Dark Sides

Tridents are a new addition to Sea of Thieves and are a fun way of getting into tactical combats. It’s a green crystal metal weapon that emits fire and thunderstorms. This works especially well in dual fights when players must support their teammates or keep enemies at a distance if they’re rushing a solo player. 

However, due to the slow charge-up of the weapon, they can be hard to use and time in combat. The longer a player charges the weapon, the bigger the bubble. The longer charges also do splash damage, a great bonus for fighting multiple enemies.

Tridents only contain 30 shots and will disappear once those have been used. Players will also have to search the entire open world for these tridents, as they can’t be bought and must be found in loot from battles or quest lines.

  • Eye of Reach

This is the hardest gun to master, but it would lead to rewards if performed skillfully. This Sniper gun is fatal at both long and short ranges. If a player can master a quick-scope mechanic or hip-firing, this gun can beat the sailor blunderbuss opponent in close-range combat.

The downside is that the Eye of Reach consumes too much time reloading the barrel. It Consistently holds up to five shots until the player restocks from an ammo chest. However, one shot will damage a player’s health by 70%.

 A quick shot from the Eye of Reach and one lunge from a cutlass is all it might take to end a fight. Some more outlandish skins alter the color of the scope of the eye of reach, but they aren’t as dramatic as some pistol skins in terms of helping a player aim.

  • Ashen Skull 

In terms of fun, there is little to rival the panic players can cause with a burning skull. The skull carries the flaming power of an Ashen Lord and can be looted from the corpse of an Ashen Lord. 

While they are powerful weapons, players can sell these for a considerable amount. And gold is not the only benefit; these skulls can provide reputation boosts with various emissaries. Be warned, however, the more used the skull is, the less it is worth. A fully charged skull will sell for the most gold.

These valuable loot drops are incredibly powerful weapons that are fun to use and can burn down enemy ships in naval combat, which is a great bonus.

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