Scientists Are Building A Prosthetic arm That Moves As Per Human Brain’s Thinking!

Prosthetic arm A team of scientists from CINVESTAV  (Centre for Research and Advance  Studies), Mexico are building a prosthetic  arm, that moves as per human brain’s  thinking. The team of researchers are  developing a technology that converts  memory patterns into set of instructions  to power this prosthetic arm. The arm  moves according to human brain’s  thinking.

The electric signals coming from movement patterns of brain act as principle for physical movement of this arm. Brain records multiple movement patterns, but team of researchers studied Electroencephalography (EEG) thoroughly and found out the exact movement patterns of the brain. Scientists used light as a exterior shock to evaluate sensitivity of these signals. These signals can be electrically recorded. These signals are later recorded in amputee’s brain.

Mechanical and electronic system is used to activate prosthesis. Scientists have used a segment to measure the signals coming from the brain. The actual arm weighs around two to three kilograms. Scientist are researching for a material that can be used to develop this prostetic arm.

BCI (Brain Computer Interface) plays key role in communication between external device and human brain. BCI is typically used to help or repair human sensory and motor functions. This is revolutionary development in the field of bio-electronics.

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