Amazon Wagers on Prime Day in South America to Encounter Local Competitors

Amazon’s total sales have risen during the outbreak, yet in South America, which is the world’s largest online retailer, is locked in a dogfight with local competitors as it releases its Prime Day event in Mexico and, releasing it for the 1st time in Brazil.

The yearly shopping event that spans nineteen nations, amazon will again display the discounts and free shipping that come along with a paid membership of amazon prime. It is a strategy that has helped the giant retailing company to reel in repeat shoppers around the globe.

Even so, researchers have said that the company has faced an uphill battle with south America’s top 2 economies, where achievement or fiasco will set the bar for whether the company can get the rest of the areas.

The company doesn’t roll out country-specific sales information, yet the statistics from website traffic suggest that the firm is struggling to keep up with MercadoLibre which is from Argentina.

Amazon introduced its marketplace in Mexico in 2015 and it trailed 2nd behind the argentine company for most exclusive visitors in the month of August.

A more uneven market was established in brazil which the company joined in the year 2017. It sat in 5th place after MercadoLibre and powerhouses such as B2W, Via Varejo, and Magazine Luiza.


Image from Amazon


Also, in July the company posted that it achieved its biggest profit in the twenty-six years of its history.

The prices of Prime in Mexico are MXN 99 which is INR 400 per month or MXN 899 per year.

The company had also announced for its prime day that it is going to open 2 fulfillment centers outside the Mexico City region.

Whereas in Brazil, the prime is priced at BRL 9.90 which is INR 100 for a month, or BRL 89 which is INR 1,200 per year. The company offered the membership about a year ago. After that, the company has witnessed the quickest subscription growth of any Prime market, with members now in 95% of cities.

The company believes that its purpose is to not only grow but to also run alongside Argentina’s MercadoLibre.