Sanctum Networks & Calsoft Labs Announced A Global Partnership

Sanctum Networks, a leader in Software Defined Networking product Sanctum Networksolutions and Calsoft Labs, on Thursday announced a global partnership for the solution design and deployment of Sanctum Networks flagship SDN product Jupiter.

With Jupiter, Service providers will have the opportunity to transform the way they deliver peer-to-peer content routing while vastly improving network efficiency and enhancing QoE. This strategic partnership will see Calsoft Labs offer technology consulting and systems integration services to help equipment vendors and service providers integrate and deploy Sanctum Networks’ unique distributed SDN controller solution.

Internet video is set to increase to about 80-90% of all consumer traffic flowing through the Internet by 2018, with CDNs carrying over 50% of the global Internet traffic and 67% of all Internet video by 2018.“We believe SDN provides that solution and we are delighted to announce the launch of our OpenFlow based Services Provision Gateway, designed to enable Services Providers to benefit from reduced latency and improved network efficiency which we believe will be of specific benefit to CDN providers,” said Nazneen Shaikh, Founder and Director at Sanctum Networks.

“We are delighted to be announcing this global partnership with Calsoft Labs. Their proven expertise in SDN and NFV and large pool of trained resources ensures that equipment vendors and network operators looking to evaluate and deploy Sanctum’s distributed virtual SDN controller solution can have the reassurance and confidence of global support and design expertise”, Shaikh added.

Sanctum Networks will launch Jupiter in February 2015 and it will be on show at this year’s Mobile World Congress. Jupiter is a high-performance network service provisioning gateway built on OpenFlow standards with a unique Distributed Routing Engine that allows L2-L4 routing intelligence to be distributed across numerous control points or switches in the network. This dynamic decentralized SDN controller architecture offers unprecedented scalability and ability to semantically control traffic flows.