Samsung’s next Fingerprint Scanner will be 2.5 billion times more secure by 2025

As per a recent claim from SamMobile, electronics-giant Samsung is now striving to strengthen the security of its fingerprint scanners. One of the key enhancements sought by the brand is the replacement of the tiny fingerprint scanners with small scanning areas with a single, larger fingerprint scanner that can supposedly scan several scanners simultaneously and has a larger scanning surface.

The CEO of France’s ISORG, Deiter May, claims that Samsung may soon use their technology in next OLED screens. For the record, ISORG is a business that creates fingerprint readers for mobile devices.

Furthermore, Samsung has already revealed that this All-in-One sensing technology will be used in its OLED 2.0 next-generation panels. Three fingerprints can be used to verify a smartphone user’s identity at once, making it 2.5 x 10-9 (or 2,500,000,000) more secure than using only one. The goal is to simultaneously scan the three fingers using the full screen.

As per to May of ISORG, Samsung will probably start releasing OLED 2.0 panels by 2025. The CEO told OLED-inc in an interview that he doesn’t see Apple getting involved in multiple fingerprint scanning because the latest iPhone models rely on Face ID. Samsung is therefore expected to lead the smartphone market in All-in-One sensing and become the first phone maker to provide multiple-fingerprint scanning.

We haven’t actually found any big security vulnerabilities brought on by the fingerprint technology, despite the fact that many important OEMs have previously given the current fingerprint technology the safety thumbs-up. According to Samsung, its upcoming technology will be around 2.5 billion times safer than its current model. Imagine that now that you are aware of how much safer future fingerprint technology will be! The technology needs to be tested as soon as possible.

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