Samsung to unveil its next-generation Bespoke home appliances next month


Samsung has recently announced that it will be hosting an event next month to introduce its latest lineup of Bespoke series smart home appliances. The event, titled BESPOKE Life 2023, will be broadcasted live online, emphasizing Samsung’s commitment to eco-friendliness and sustainability across its product range.

Scheduled for June 7, 2023, at 10:00 EDT (16:00 CEST/23:00 KST), the BESPOKE Life 2023 event will be available for streaming on Samsung’s official website and YouTube channel. The company’s primary focus, as indicated by the event invitation, will revolve around connectivity, stylish design, and sustainability. This suggests that Samsung’s forthcoming Bespoke home appliances will feature internet connectivity through the SmartThings platform.

Over the past few years, Samsung has placed great emphasis on delivering customizable products. Therefore, it is highly likely that the upcoming generation of BESPOKE home appliances will continue or even expand upon this trend of increased customizability. Additionally, Samsung might unveil innovative approaches to reducing pollution throughout the entire lifecycle of its products, encompassing manufacturing and usage phases.

Furthermore, during the event, Samsung may provide further details regarding SmartThings and its integration with the new Matter smart home standard, which enables compatibility with smart home platforms from other prominent brands like Amazon, Apple, and Google. This integration will offer users a more seamless and interconnected smart home experience.

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