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Samsung To Launch A New Tab

The South Korean tech company has recently released a teaser regarding the launch of a new tab India which is about to arrive soon in the Indian markets. The teaser was released by Amazon India. The news about the development of a new tab arrived after Samsung’s tablet page went live, giving a hint that there is going to be a new model in the tab section.

The Amazon India page has teased the structure and options in colors for the tablet. In addition to it, the new tab will have a display of 10.4 inches with quad speakers and a large battery for a longer run.
Also, Amazon India’s promotional pages have suggested the tablet coming in 3 different color options.

It will also showcase the tab’s striking display, hardware which is going to be game-oriented & an inbuilt digital classroom and playground for children to study and have fun at the same time. Interested customers can press the notification button so that they can receive updates regarding the new model.
Also, the company’s site has highlighted the new tab on the support page on its website.


Image from Samsung

Users can expect a lot from the new model of Samsung. Although, the company has not yet proclaimed the details about its pricing for the new tab for Indian users as per the report suggests that the tab’s price could fall in the line of INR 20k. The pricing is for the storage of 32GB with Wi-Fi, which is the only variant in Europe. However, the LTE variant may fall in the line of INR 25k.

The wi-fi variant with the storage of 64GB is priced at INR 23k while the LTE variant with the same storage is priced at INR 28k.

This gives an inkling about Indian pricings matching with the European pricings.

Apart from the pricing, the company is expected to add a screen to body ratio of about eighty percent and as supported by Dolby Atmos technology, the tab is expected to have quad speakers and a screen size of about 10.4 inches.