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Amazon To Start Global Mega-Sale

Amazon introduced the amazon prime day in the year 2015 and the sale is most notably held in July but this year it had to shift to the pandemic.

Jeff Bezos’s company has proclaimed the annual sale’s date. The company is planning to endorse firms or businesses that are small and medium-sized. Previously, Amazon was seriously accused of crushing brutally its competitors.

As per Amazon, this year’s mega-sale will be held on 13th-14th October.

Because of the pandemic, the company faced a huge profit in terms of people demanding goods and services by ordering items online. This has forced the manufacturing houses to produce extra. The supply was so high that the company had to employ 17,500 workers. Also, these employees had to leave other jobs (because they shut down due to the pandemic).


Image from Amazon

Therefore, after looking at the upsurge in demand, the company has decided to invest more than 100 million dollars. This money will be spent on promotions for small and medium-sized corporations and help them in having benefit from the current situation. This initiative will also help them in having new buyers.

The company has been benefitted a lot especially and earned around 5.2 billion dollars during lockdowns all around the universe. It has enabled people to stay at their homes and had provided them with deliveries for items that they have ordered and enjoyed cloud services and entertainment whilst sitting inside their homes.

Amazon has 60% of the third-party sales for physical product sales and they are growing at a faster level than the company’s retail sales.

The company has said that the firms who have tried to sell their business in the Amazon have been able to survive and grow in the pandemic.