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Samsung plans to commence laptop manufacturing in India later this year

Samsung, the South Korean electronics giant, is set to initiate the production of laptops in India, with plans to commence manufacturing at its Noida factory later this year. TM Roh, President and Head of Mobile eXperience (MX) Business at Samsung Electronics, revealed this development during his visit to India, emphasizing the country’s significance as a crucial manufacturing base for the company.

Describing the preparations for laptop manufacturing in Noida, Roh stated, “We will start manufacturing laptops this year at the Noida factory. Preparations are already underway.” He underscored the support received from both state and central governments, highlighting the pivotal role India plays in Samsung’s manufacturing ecosystem.

Roh expressed the company’s commitment to collaborating with the Indian government to bolster manufacturing operations in the country. Samsung has been actively engaging with authorities to enhance its manufacturing capabilities in India, and the decision to include laptops in the production portfolio further underscores this commitment.



Changing Tides: Samsung Electronics plans to start making laptops in India  from next month
Changing Tides: Samsung Electronics plans to start making laptops in India from next month

The Noida factory has emerged as a key production hub for Samsung, hosting the manufacturing of various products, including feature phones, smartphones, wearables, and tablets. With the addition of laptops to its production lineup, Samsung aims to optimize its manufacturing capabilities in line with global demand.

During the announcement, Roh also commented on the recently launched flagship Galaxy S24 series smartphone, emphasizing the device’s advanced artificial intelligence capabilities. Additionally, Samsung revealed plans to manufacture the Galaxy S24 at the Noida facility, affirming the plant’s status as the company’s second-largest base.

“Noida is a very important production base for Samsung. It is the second-largest base for Samsung. There may be some changes at the plant to optimize it as per the global demand, but what remains unchanged is the fact that it is an important base for us,” Roh stated.

The move to produce laptops in India aligns with Samsung’s strategy to further integrate its manufacturing operations in the country. With the support of the Indian government and the conducive manufacturing environment, Samsung aims to enhance its production capabilities and cater to the evolving demands of the market.

As Samsung continues to expand its manufacturing footprint in India, the inclusion of laptops in its production portfolio represents a significant step forward. The company’s commitment to leveraging India’s manufacturing capabilities underscores the nation’s growing importance as a key player in the global electronics manufacturing landscape.

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