Samsung Mobiles is India’s Most Attractive Brand, Sony takes 2nd place: TRA Study

India's Most Attractive Brands Report 2013The latest report from TRA (Trust Research Advisory), India’s leading brand Insights Company, titled India’s Most Attractive Brands 2013 (MAB 2013) is out. North India has chosen Samsung Mobiles (also ranked 1st All-India) as the region’s Most Attractive brand followed by another mobile manufacturer,
Nokia. These two are distinctly above the rest with more than 39% gap in Attractiveness Quotient with Sony at third place. The zone shows a distinctive preference for Reebok (All-India 12th ranked), making it the fourth Most Attractive brand in this region, followed by the white goods manufacturer, LG, India’s fifth Most Attractive brand. With Adidas as the sixth Most Attractive brand in the North, the category of Sports Accessories shows a strong appeal to the people here. After Tata and Bajaj at seventh and eighth ranks, Woodland follows as the ninth Most Attractive brand in the North. Lux ranks tenth. Brands which are in All-India top 20 list, but not in North zone’s top 20 list are Godrej, Bata, Titan, Amul and Dove.

Mr. N. Chandramouli at the Launch of IMABRAcross India, the second Most Attractive brand is the Consumer Durables leader Sony, followed by Nokia as the third most attractive across all categories. India’s top three Most Attractive brands are very close together with just 2% gap between each other. Following at fourth place is LG, the South Korean Consumer Electronics leader with 8% attractiveness score lag from the previous. Placed at India’s fifth Most Attractive brand is India’s home-grown conglomerate, Tata, trailing its predecessor by 11%. The results are based on a primary survey conducted with 2505 consumer-influencers across 16 cities based on TRA’s proprietary matrix of 36 Brand Attractiveness Traits.

logo (6)Launching the report, N. Chandramouli, CEO, TRA (a Comniscient Group company) observed, “The force of attractiveness is a primal force that affects all of us with the same intensity – whether it be attraction with other humans, objects, places or brands. As a brand insights company, TRA spent years understanding the basics of attractiveness by delving into several subjects ranging from philosophy to physiology, religion and communication, and have developed a robust proprietary matrix for deciphering the complex subject of Brand Attractiveness.”

Elaborating on the usefulness of TRA’s matrix, Chandramouli added, “Brands spend billions in advertisements trying to be attractive to consumers, but at best such approaches range between ad-hoc and haphazard. TRA’s Brand Attractiveness matrix will give brands a scientific tool and methodologies to improve their Attractiveness Quotient with their consumers, helping brands deploy their resources more efficiently and target their messages more accurately.”