COAI Unveils New Brand Identity, Positions Itself For The Next Big Revolution In The Mobile Communications Sector

logo-coaiMarking a new dawn in the Indian telecommunications industry, the mobile communications sector is gearing up itself to provide the broadband data revolution with 3G/4G technologies, after having brought the mobile voice revolution with 900 million mobile phone connections. COAI, the mobile telecommunications industry body, which represents over 70 percent of the industry by revenue, has updated its logo and brand identity, positioning itself to lead the opportunities of the new era in the sector, in tune with the emerging trends and demands of the customers.

The new logo adds dimension and motion to the previous logo. Together the cells represent the industry and its components, the voice of the industry and the inclusion of all players big and small in the emerging converging eco-system. The graphic as a ‘speech bubble’ represents leadership through social & economic inclusion. As a ‘dream bubble’ it represents the future of India as an information society and thought-leader. As a ‘cloud’ it represents technological ubiquity and innovation, and virtual technology – the future. Primary colours of the logo are Blue, representing a dependable, articulate communicator and Black representing firmness, authority, power and integrity, attributing COAI the leadership role.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Himanshu Kapania, Chairman , COAI said, “The rebranding activity is a part of our effort to be abrest with the changing trends in technology and customer demands. The industry and the Association have evolved over the years adapting to the global standards and best practices. We see COAI continuing to take its established leadership position in the sector, which has emerged as the second largest telecom market of the world”.

“Given the increased convergence of the multiple industries, we felt there was a need not only for the cellular operators but related ICT players too to come together and work towards the next era of development for this highly promising sector. There is more to come as we break out into the emerging technology era and with the rebranding activity, we continue our journey as leaders into the new era ahead. It is indeed a new day dawning, not only for COAI, but for the entire industry as well,” said, Mr. Marten Pieters, Vice Chairman, COAI.

According to Mr. Rajan S Mathews, Director General, COAI said, “What started as an association of telecom service providers in the country has expanded to be a thought leader in the industry, with members including mobile service providers, telecom infrastructure players, telecom equipment manufacturers among others and is still expanding to include other allied and critical stakeholders of the sector. In tune with this growth, size and convergence of the industry, COAI has undertaken a makeover of its brand image and identity to continue to play the role of a thought leader for the industry.”

The updated brand identity represents a significant shift in COAI’s overall vision and objectives. The new logo represents the transition from a dominant voice to a dominant data environment and a converging mobility business which calls for more inclusive approach to the entire sector. COAI has an array of ICT players as its associate members and their number is growing, indicating the new trend in the industry. COAI, along with the industry, has witnessed an era of growth and transformation in the last two decades and has led the voice market growth and now positions itself to lead the data-centric market which is full of new and exciting opportunities for not just mobile telcos, but IT as well as devices manufacturers.

The previous logo and brand guidelines served COAI for 18 years. During this period, COAI expanded its working sphere and evolved into a true telecom industry body representing not only the cellular operators but increasingly also telecom equipment manufacturers, mobile manufacturers, IT firms etc.

A corporate brand video showing our evolution can be viewed on the COAI’s YouTube page and the newly designed Website which can be accessed at