Samsung is trailing way behind TSMC in the global foundry market in Q3 2022

In the third quarter of 2022, the gap between Samsung Electronics and TSMC in the global foundry industry grew, according to TrendForce’s most recent research study. Samsung reportedly captured 15.5% of the global foundry market in Q3 2022, according to TrendForce. This is less what Samsung was able to do in Q4 2021. In Q4 2021, Samsung Electronics reported a market share of 18.3%. This percentage fell to 16.3% in Q1 2022 and then marginally increased to 16.5% in Q2 2022.

According to TrendForce, it has since fallen below 16% and will be 15.5% in Q3 2022. Sales for Samsung totalled $5.584 billion, a 0.1% decrease from the prior quarter.

In addition, TSMC’s revenues increased by 11.1%, from $18.145 billion in Q2 2022 to $20.163 billion in Q3 2022. As a result, the difference between TSMC and Samsung has widened from 33.8 percentage points in Q4 2021 to 40.6 percentage points in Q3 2022. According to BusinessKorea, Samsung’s expansion of sophisticated procedures is the cause of this gap.

Furthermore, TrendForce summarized its report by saying, “Most of the foundry companies were affected by a decrease in customer orders, but TSMC enjoyed a big increase in order inflow due to strong demand for new iPhones.

TrendForce is now gearing up for a new production plant in Arizona, USA, and has also announced that it will increase its investment in the country from $12 billion to $40 billion.

Samsung is also working with an American company to raise the yield of its semiconductor production. The South Korean company has problems with yield with its 4nm and 5nm process nodes and is looking to increase the yield by collaborating with Silicon Frontline Technology, a US-based company. The South Korean behemoth will also establish new facilities in Europe and outsource more chips to establish a risk-free semiconductor supply chain.

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