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Samsung has unveiled a new phase in Galaxy AI, commencing with AI Live Translate Call

Samsung has declared the advent of a “new era of Galaxy AI,” with the first offering being the AI Live Translate Call feature. This feature, available on the latest Galaxy AI phones, integrates real-time audio and text translations directly into the native call function. Samsung emphasizes that the translations happen on the device, ensuring the privacy and security of user conversations. The company aims to simplify communication across languages without the need for third-party apps, making it as straightforward as turning on closed captions while streaming a show.

The introduction of Galaxy AI is part of Samsung’s broader strategy to incorporate comprehensive mobile AI experiences, blending on-device AI developed by Samsung with cloud-based AI through collaborations with industry partners. Samsung positions itself as uniquely capable of harnessing AI’s potential, attributing this to the Galaxy brand’s emphasis on openness. The company claims that only Galaxy puts the power of openness in users’ hands, signaling a commitment to an open ecosystem.

While the announcement highlights AI Live Translate Call as a significant advancement, Samsung hints at a more extensive Galaxy AI experience set to launch early next year. The timing aligns with the anticipated release of the Galaxy S24 series in January 2023. The company envisions overcoming common barriers to social connection and facilitating easier and more productive communication through Galaxy AI.

The move reflects Samsung’s dedication to AI innovation, emphasizing the transformative impact on daily mobile experiences while prioritizing security and privacy. As the smartphone industry continues to integrate AI into various aspects of user interactions, Samsung positions Galaxy AI as a key player in shaping a future where technology enhances communication and connectivity.

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