Samsung Going To be Released Galaxy S6 & Galaxy S Edge

Mobile World Congress (MWC) is a month away from now and Vodafone Netherlands has leaked the name of the Samsung phones which are going to be released at the event in Barcelona, starting from 2 March.

A report by Slash Gear says, the new phones, to be launched, are Samsung Galaxy S6 which is nothing new now and a curved display variant of Samsung Galaxy S Edge. Vodafone Netherlands posted a page for Galaxy S6 and after Android World found out the source code of the page they also discovered the listing of Galaxy S Edge. Reports are also doing rounds that a Samsung device with curved edges has been imported to India too for testing. It might be Samsung Galaxy S Edge only.

The naming is also quite convincing as Samsung’s first curved edge phone was Samsung Galaxy Note Edge. The Vodafone page doesn’t share any further details about the features of the Samsung Galaxy S Edge while we are already familiar with the specifications of the upcoming Galaxy S6 to some extent. Galaxy S6 is a part of Samsung’s Project Zero which means the device is being built from the scratch and will offer a different and unique experience.

The details, which have come out so far about S6, are 13.46-cm (5.3-inch) AMOLED display with 4K 3840×2160 pixels resolution, Qualcomm Snapdrgon 810 processor and 4GB RAM. Further reports stated Samsung may integrate their own Exynos processors in this flagship device as the Qualcomm one has been facing overheating issues. But Qualcomm has announced that they will provide Samsung with an updated version of Snapdragon 801 chip for Galaxy S6.