Google Finally Admits Glass ‘failure’

Google is pretty ambitious when it comes to building futuristic products and for that purpose the company can also sacrifice some of its dearest projects. The online search giant made an acknowledgment on Thursday that Google Glass had some major issues, adding that it’s time for a ‘pause’ and resetting strategies.

Google GlassWhile announcing quarterly results on Thursday, chief financial officer at Google, Patrick Pichette talked on a different note from Google’s version earlier this month that Google Glass is getting shifted to a different division from the company’s labs. Though Google Glass was strictly promoted by Google co-founder Sergey Brin, the product failed, as confessed by Pichette himself. The main search advertising business at Google has faced a slowdown this quarter and now the company needs to ensure that the company is ready for better investment decisions.

The company is trying to ensure that they will invest in only those zones which will have positive outcome. In 2011, when Google co-founder Larry Page resumed office as the chief executive he performed a series of “spring cleanings” and stopped several under-performing projects like online encyclopedia Knol and a service which used to help users keep a tab on home energy consumption. Under Page’s supervision, the company is investing huge on several kind of innovative projects like self-driving cars, solar-powered balloons to offer internet across all areas, robotics and also healthcare. Most of these projects are expected to show positive results in a long run, and not immediately.

Google Fiber seems to be a success as it’s going to be expanded to four more cities. This project was launched in Kansas City in 2012 to offer high-speed Internet access service. Google Glass looked promising enough but it couldn’t overcome its struggles. Earlier this month consumer sales of Glass was stopped by the company officially with an announcement that the product will be sold for business purposes now.