Samsung Galaxy S9’s alleged Intelligent Scan, 3D Stickers and Tag Shot features leaked

Samsung Mobile chief has already confirmed that the company will be launching its ‘next flagship’ smartphone at the upcoming Mobile World Congress 2018 (MWC 2018) trade show in Barcelona, Spain. The company has also recent teaser too hints at the arrival of Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ smartphones on February 25. Although preliminary reports have talked about the handset specifications and design, this time three new software features have been unearthed by SamCentral website.
The features namely Intelligent Scan, 3D Stickers and Tag Shot may arrive as a part of an update to Galaxy Note 8 and Galaxy S8, S8+ smartphones. This also means they will be present in the Galaxy S9 smartphones out of the box.
All the three new features are related to the handsets’ cameras and were found mentioned in strings of codes in an APK teardown of the Settings app from the latest Android Oreo beta for the Galaxy Note 8.
Intelligent Scan is supposed to team up face and iris scanning tech to make security tighter and more accurate. This may work in both bright and low light situations. Interestingly, despite having Intelligent Scan, Samsung is still being mentioned to bring Face and Iris scanner as two separate options for logging in. The report adds that Face scanner, iris scanner and Intelligent Scan can’t be used at the same time and that disabling one will also switch off the other two features. The feature may also be used to sign in to websites.
3D Sticker is self explanatory but still the report goes on to explain that with this users may be able to apply stickers to images and adjust their focus depth in order to enhance the shots taken by the dual rear cameras. For now, there is no inbuilt option for depth-sensing editing for stickers.
In the case of Tag Shots, users can capture images and tag them with current location or weather details. However, for this, the Samsung device would require access to user’s geographical location data and weather information in each image that is being taken.
While it’s anybody’s guess on what features the upcoming Galaxy S9 smartphones may feature, their presence in the beta version does bring some legitimacy and a confirmed arrival to some extent.
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