Samsung Galaxy S8, Galaxy S8+ users face random audio cut off issues

After the Red-colour screen tint problem, it seems like another issue has cropped up in Samsung’s latest flagships – Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+. This time, the issue is related to audio output. Some users have complained about random audio cutoffs on Samsung Community website.
Based on some of the user feedback, it can be assumed that the issue is related to hardware and not software. This means that a simple software update won’t be able to fix it.
“Guys sorry to inform that it is most probably a hardware issue since only few customers including me are facing this. If it was a software issue then more customers will come up with similar complaints. Bad luck we may all got the same batch of faulty phones,” says a post by one of the customers.
“The reason why i am saying is that i started the device in safe mode and the issue is still there. By tapping right above the speaker clears the issue and same vice versa while playing if tap above the speaker the sound again cuts off meaning to say IT’S AN HARDWARE RELATED THING,” mentioned another customer adds on the community forum.
It has also been mentioned that Samsung is not taking back the faulty Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ smartphones. Although there has been no official reply from the company regarding this, Samsung still needs to reply why it’s not replacing smartphones if it’s a genuine hardware issue or when it’ll roll out a software update to address the problem.
Talking about Samsung smartphones, the company is slowly moving towards the official launch of the refurbished version (called Galaxy Note 7R) of its now-discontinued Galaxy Note 7 handset. According to a recent report by SamMobile website, the smartphone has already been certified by FCC. The report further claims that the device could first launch in Samsung’s home country of South Korea, followed by a global launch.
It’s been further mentioned that three models of the smartphone — SM-N935S, SM-N935K and SM-N935L — have received FCC certification. The SM-N935S variant is claimed to be the SK Telecom model, while the other two variants will be specific to FreeTel and LG Uplus networks respectively.