October 26, 2020

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 may have an in-screen selfie camera

Samsung may be secretly working on a new technology that would place every possible hardware unit, notably the fingerprint scanner and the selfie camera, beneath the display. A patent filed by the South Korean giant with the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO), dated May 12, 2017, shows off a conceptual device with such a technology on-board hinting that Samsung may launch such a device in the near future. This device could well be the Galaxy Note 9, for all we know. But, there’s still sometime before we can be sure, about such a possibility.
A fingerprint scanner seated beneath the display isn’t new. Vivo recently announced such a solution, showing off a demo prototype of a smartphone that’s apparently ready for a consumer release, at the recently concluded CES 2018 in Las Vegas. But, moving the selfie camera, can be tricky since no other company has been able to achieve such a feat yet. The most that companies have done is either come up with a notch up-top, or moved it at the bottom. While the former has been achieved by the likes of Apple, the latter has been done by Xiaomi.
Samsung, if at all, it plans on shifting everything below the display in a future device could become the first company to do that, that is, if no other company beats it to it. The Galaxy Note 9 is expected to launch in September by the way.
Before that happens, Samsung is gearing up to launch its next-generation Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ phones, at the upcoming MWC 2018 event in Barcelona.
The Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ have been subject to numerous leaks and rumours ahead of launch. An alleged box of the Galaxy S9 recently found its way to Reddit giving away almost the entire spec-sheet of Samsung’s next flagship phone. Not much seems to have changed and yet there are a few notable inclusions that deserve a mention. These include stereo speakers and a variable aperture rear camera. While the former will be Samsung’s first – on a flagship phone – the latter seems to have been lifted straight from the company’s recently launched W2018 flip phone.
The Galaxy S9+ will be a bigger S9 hopefully with a bigger battery and is said to ship with dual rear cameras.