February 26, 2021

Samsung DeX Station for Galaxy S8, Galaxy S8+ price unveiled

Samsung launched its DeX station docking accessory for the Galaxy S8 and the Galaxy S8+ smartphones along with the handsets, but didn’t reveal its pricing and availability details at the time. Now, the company has listed the device at $149.99 (roughly Rs 9,700). It is up for pre-orders and will start shipping in ‘late April’. However, there’s no word about the price and availability of DeX in India yet.
The Samsung DeX Station is targeted at increasing the productivity of ‘mobile workers’.
When paired with the S8/S8+, it can be used to power an Android-based desktop experience. Users can access apps, edit documents, browse the web, watch videos, reply to messages and a lot more. The functionality is similar to that of Windows 10’s Continuum feature.

Samsung launches DeX docking station accessory for Galaxy S8, Galaxy S8+
“Its completely redesigned Android UI is optimized for use with a keyboard and mouse and includes multiple resizable windows, contextual menus and a desktop version web browser”, said the company.
Samsung has also collaborated with Microsoft and Adobe to make DeX compatible with Microsoft Office and Adobe mobile apps, which also include Adobe Acrobat Reader mobile and Lightroom Mobile.
Users can simply put their Galaxy S8/S8+ into the DeX Station, which in turn connects with an HDMI-compatible monitor, keyboard and mouse to give a desktop-like experience.
The DeX station includes numerous connectivity ports, including USB 2.0 (2), Ethernet (1), USB Type-C (1) and Power-in. Having a cooling fan of its own, the docking station also features Adaptive Fast Charging (AFC) technology to charge the connected smartphone.
“The smartphone has become a central point for the modern mobile professional, and when giving a presentation or editing documents remotely, it means they can work effectively using just their smartphone. We developed Samsung DeX with the highly-mobile worker in mind, giving them a convenient and flexible desktop experience,” said Injong Rhee, CTO of the mobile communications business at Samsung Electronics.
He further added, “Our collaboration with key partners such as Adobe and Microsoft was essential in the development of Samsung DeX, as they share our vision for building excellence in mobile productivity. With Samsung DeX, enterprise users can also be assured that their smartphone and data are protected by the Samsung Knox security platform built into the smartphone. Samsung DeX redefines what a smartphone can do to keep mobile professionals productive.”