Samsung Announces Latest Innovations in Monitors


Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. is showcasing a lineup of monitors at the ongoing Samsung Forum in Bali, Indonesia. The line-up includes the UD590, SD590, SD390 and SD391 monitors, all of which provide consumers and businesses with the latest innovations in monitor technology, packaged into a functional and aesthetic design.

The UD590 is an Ultra High Definition (UHD) monitor that delivers detailed, high-pixel imaging and realistic colors. It is capable of producing lifelike images with the most accurate color representation. The SD590 features a modern, minimalistic design with a super slim narrow bezel that is nearly invisible, while the design of the SD390 and SD391 introduces a new Touch of Color (ToC) element with pure blue infused throughout the entire bezel.

UD590 UHD Monitor

Consumers are now able to bring Samsung’s leading 4K UHD technology into the home with Samsung’s 28-inch UD590 UHD monitor, which provides four times the resolution of Full HD (FHD) displays. With a response time of 1ms, the UD590 displays movies, games and Internet-streamed content perfectly and smoothly without any blurring or ghosting for a completely immersive viewing experience.

The UD590 delivers unrivaled color quality as it is capable of displaying one billion colors, which is 64 times more colors than the standard monitor. It also includes UHD up-scaling technology that converts low resolution content to UHD-level picture quality and creates sharper images.

It has a game mode option that easily makes a dark and blurry picture bright and clear, and provides a display port and two HDMI inputs to connect PCs and various AV devices. Especially, UD590 can display UHD contents from game console like Xbox one, PlayStaion4 using HDMI port 1.4version.

SD590 Monitor

The minimalistic design of the 23.6-inch and 27-inch SD590 sports a nearly invisible, super narrow bezel that gives users more screen space to . The SD590 also offers superior picture quality as the panel’s wide viewing angle enables users to experience consistent natural color and contrast ratio from any angle within 178 degrees.

With Magic Upscale technology, users can experience better picture quality even with low resolution content as it prevents broken images when scaling to FHD. The SD590 also includes a game mode option and provides a D-sub and two HDMI inputs.

SD390 Monitor

Featuring a new Samsung signature Touch of Color (ToC) design, the stylish 23.6 inch and 27-inch SD390 (black) monitor will stand out in any room. The monitors offer a wide viewing angle, Magic Upscale technology and FHD, a game mode option,a D-sub and HDMI input.

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